BSM NEURO REHAB Physiotherapy, Neuro Rehabilitation Center since 2006 has been a pioneer in giving top tier physiotherapy benefits across Rajasthan since. We have a rich encounter of relieving muddled cases throughout the long term and have been fruitful in keeping away from endorsed medical procedures. Our group of talented physiotherapists is a blend of different ranges of abilities making it an ideal group to manage any condition that can be treated by physiotherapy. We have confidence in constant learning and developing, and stay up with the latest with the new headways in the field of physiotherapy to upskill our insight. 

At BSM Neuro Rehab, we comprehend that actual inability may gigantically affect your prosperity and self-appreciation. Our multidisciplinary center is exceptional to address ailments in a huge number of ways from intense to constant or youthful to older. Our main goal is to give an assisted and centered norm of care permitting every tolerant to comprehend and satisfy the recuperation capability of their body. 

We have confidence in a durable strategy for patient-focused treatment. We try to give the greatest of facility and locally situated restoration administrations. 

Our Approach 

Far reaching patient-fixated active methodology is the thing that we have faith in. We represent considerable authority in the space of NDT/Bobath, Manual Therapy, artho, joint replacement, spine injury, sports injury, Myofascial Release, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, MET, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Motor Relearning, Mirror Therapy, Sensory Integration, Maitland and COMA incitement. With our useful evaluation, we know precisely which treatment or blend of medicines will best fit, and alter a treatment plan according to singular patient’s necessities. We focus on rapidly recapturing utilitarian capacities, and are focused on tending to pivotal patient capacities, for example, bed portability, moves, strolling, and running all along. To guarantee a strong handle on all spaces of progress, we record and track progress utilizing normalized result measures.