A speech disorder refers to a problem with the actual production of sounds, whereas a language disorder refers to a difficulty understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas.

In speech-language therapy, an SLP will work with a child one-on-one, in a small group, or directly in a classroom to overcome difficulties involved with a specific disorder.
Therapists use a variety of strategies, including:
Language intervention activities: The SLP will interact with a child by playing and talking, using pictures, books, objects, or ongoing events to stimulate language development. The therapist may also model correct pronunciation and use repetition exercises to build speech and language skills.
Articulation therapy: Articulation, or sound production, exercises involve having the therapist model correct sounds and syllables for a child, often during play activities. The level of play is age-appropriate and related to the child’s specific needs. The SLP will physically show the child how to make certain sounds, such as the “r” sound, and may demonstrate how to move the tongue to produce specific sounds.
Oral-motor/feeding and swallowing therapy: The SLP will use a variety of oral exercises — including facial massage and various tongue, lip, and jaw exercises — to strengthen the muscles of the mouth. The SLP also may work with different food textures and temperatures to increase a child’s oral awareness during eating and swallowing.

Is your child suffering from a speech disability? Get the best assistance from the Best Speech Therapy Doctor in BSM NEURO REHAB JAIPUR to help your child manage the speech and language-related problems. Speech therapy can be observed as the most suitable option in case the child is facing potential trouble in pronouncing words and thus aims at bringing significant improvement in the form of communication, enhanced pragmatic language skills and better language development.

Treat speech and language disabilities with the best speech therapy doctor in Jaipur

The speech therapy can be understood as the specialized intervention services that aim at improving and enhancing the child’s speech abilities for developing a better understanding as well as for language expression. This can also include the nonverbal language. The speech therapy doctors in Jaipur are professionally known as the Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) or simply the speech therapists. Speech therapy involves a comprehensive framework that mainly involves:

  • Effective coordination of mouth:
  • Fluency:
  • Regulation of voice volume:
  • Articulation:
  • Problems related to oral feeding:
  • Ability to express and understand language:

According to the speech therapy doctors in Jaipur, speech therapy provides multiple benefits to the children as it enables them to speak and understand in a much better manner. This results in building the necessary self-confidence as they can easily communicate with peers and other people and can effectively express themselves. The children feel less frustrated and thus, the therapy supports academic, social and emotional development among them. In the case of kids suffering from disorders like dyslexia, speech therapy can play a crucial role as they can make easily distinguish between the sound of different words through listening properly.

Depending upon the individual child’s requirement, the speech therapists at the hospital develop strategies that help children in managing the above-mentioned risks:

Therapy to overcome articulation challenges: The doctor finds out the sound with which the child is facing difficulty and thereafter makes a demonstration that how the tongue can be moved for creating that particular sounds.

Activities aimed at language intervention: Most of the therapists under this process adopt the play-based approach along with images and books to help children understand effectively. Short language drills are also adopted in certain cases.

Moreover, it can also be observed that the speech and language disorder cannot be completely cured but with the focused and targeted treatment strategies, the speech therapy doctors in Jaipur can help the child and the parents to manage the obstacles to a great extent. The most important point to be considered is that the child should have active involvement in the therapy process so that relative progress can be seen in the child’s learning and speech patterns.